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Experience The Catering Company

When you're looking for a catering company, there are many to choose from.  Why not experience the best?

About Our Commitment

Our passion is evident from the first bite your guests take all the way through their last! Here at LMB Catering, all of our food is cooked fresh and by hand. Our dedication to quality is impeccable, and we take great pride in our approach to exceed your expectations.

The Process

Here at LMB Catering, we work closely with our customers to devise the perfect custom menu for your event. Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, so we invite you to enjoy a private personalized menu tasting. During you private tasting you’ll be served the same meal your guests will enjoy on the day of your event.

We Bring People Together

Our catering company brings people together with a variety of food and drinks to celebrate any occasion.
We have the perfect event for you! We offer an array of menus that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and also make it easy for all those who are attending.  


Clients, staff, and friends make the work we do feel necessary!


Our outstanding creativity makes your event stand out from the rest!


We take pride in providing our clients with the best catering service.


The array of flavors at our catering company is truly something special. 

About us

Our event specialist will help you plan your next event, from choosing an excellent venue all of way through dinner service; they’ll work closely with each client so that everything runs smoothly on time!